Richton Elementary robotics club makes it to world competition

Richton Elementary robotics club makes it to world competition

RICHTON, MS (WDAM) - The Richton Elementary robotics team won the state competition and is now advancing to the world competition in Louisville, Kentucky.

The kids get to make the robots from scratch and it usually takes them three weeks to build. The kids like to think of themselves as the future engineers of America.

"It actually helps you learn stuff like what you want to do for college," robotics club member J.J. Hutton said.

The kids also hope to be the world champions of the Bank Shot competition.

The Bank Shot competition is a minute-long game where the boys use robots to carry and drop off as many balls as they can in a bucket and over a fence on a table.

"Each ball over the fence is one point and each ball in the bucket is three points," robotics member Phillip Cooley said.

Besides the game, there are other competitions for robotic design and programming skills. Christian Perry and Pacen Odom placed first for the design award.

At school, the kids meet for robotics club and also twice a week after school.

"These kids work non-stop, they would never leave that room if we gave them the opportunity," robotics club teacher Evan Craft said.

The robotics club is also a fun way for the kids to learn about computer and design skills that are useful for future careers.

"We want them to create their own vision and this is a wonderful program for them to be exposed to different career paths and to have a world vision," Richton Elementary Principal Tina Mozingo said.

The boys are continuing to work on their robots and are excited to show off their robots in April for the world competition.