Joe's Viewpoint: Execution secrecy

Joe's Viewpoint: Execution secrecy

PINE BELT (WDAM) - Senate Bill 2237, titled the Execution Secrecy bill, has cleared the Judiciary committee and the Senate in Mississippi.

The bill, if made into law, would allow the state to keep secret the names of individuals and companies involved in executions.

The reasoning behind the lawmakers' efforts to pass this legislation, from what we have learned, is to protect those involved with the execution process from harassment.

While I can see a need to ensure that employees of our prison system are not harassed for something that is required by their employment, I am still principally disturbed by this bill.

I believe that we should not shroud the act of taking a life in secrecy. Where will this end? Do we truly want the methods, the drugs used, the contracted supply companies and other conduits masked from the public eye? I personally do not. I encourage you to contact your state representative and share your opinion.

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