Petal man to star in Discovery Channel's 'Street Outlaws'

Petal man to star in Discovery Channel's 'Street Outlaws'

PETAL, MS (WDAM) - Discovery Channel's Street Outlaws premiere Monday night may have a familiar face from Petal on the show.

Scott Taylor is part of the New Orleans edition of the show. "Street Outlaws" is about a group of drag racers who are competing to see who is the fastest in the nation.

"I felt like I had the fastest car in the nation with the type of racing we do," Taylor said.

Taylor has been street racing for 16 years and always wanted to make an appearance on the show, especially since his father encouraged him right before he died.

"His last text message to me was about the show and it all fell into place after that so it's weird how it worked out," Taylor said.

However, this is not his first time on the show. He raced with Kye Kelley on the Oklahoma City Edition.

For Taylor, drag racing is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle.

"We race non-stop, it's a business kind of thing for us," Taylor said. "We race for a living."

In the show, Taylor spent nine weeks racing with his car, "John Doe" and raced about 11 times in different states in unfamiliar territory.

"I unload the trailer and we just race, and we have no test pass or anything so it's just a guess," Taylor said.

Besides racing, Taylor also owns his own towing company, operates the Hub City Dragway and has a family.

Taylor is already preparing for Season 2 and he replaced his engine and it can run over 190 mph.