National Weather Service discusses severe weather threat for Tuesday

National Weather Service discusses severe weather threat for Tuesday

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The National Weather Service in Jackson is monitoring Tuesday's severe weather threat for the Pine Belt.

"We have a risk for strong tornadoes, and it's a pretty substantial risk, not just an outside chance,"  said Steve Wilkinson, warning coordination meteorologist. "It's something that we feel is a pretty good possibility somewhere, hard to say exactly where, but yeah, for people in the Pine Belt area, I'd definitely be watching the weather tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening."

While Wilkinson said tornadoes are typical this time of year in Mississippi, he said the number of weather factors involved in this system is less common.

"Certainly suggests that damaging winds, large hail and even some strong tornadoes are possible," he said. "This event has a more significant combination of weather factors. All of that looks pretty volatile, so it's really a potentially more significant event than you would have just about any time of year. So we're watching it really closely for strong tornado potential. That's what I would be most concerned about."

Wilkinson said the low pressure system is forecasted to start in Texas, move across Louisiana and stretch to Memphis.

"At the time it's doing that, it's going to get very, very strong for this part of the world," Wilkinson said. "Normally, you don't get low pressures that strong."

Wilkinson said so far, 2016 has been an active severe weather year.

"I think the fact that we've had three events already this calendar year, so since Jan. 1 is a little bit more active than normal," he said. "Certainly, with this being a potential fourth one since Jan. 1, yeah, that's a little bit more activity than normal."

Wilkinson said the National Weather Service is projecting the worst of the weather to be in the Pine Belt between 2 p.m.- 12 a.m. Tuesday, but said residents should look to local meteorologists for the latest information.