It's National Drink Wine Day!

It's National Drink Wine Day!

HATTIESBURG, MS - National Drink Wine Day is celebrated on Feb. 18 as a way to spread the love and health benefits of wine.

According to Medical News Today, moderate consumption of wine can help to protect against certain cancers and improve mental and heart health.

Though most wines have some sort of health benefit, Jared Patterson, sommelier and manager of the Purple Parrot Cafe in Hattiesburg, said it is important to be aware of the amount of sugar in a glass.

"What I would recommend to people is to drink wine with less residual sugars," Patterson said. "Riesling is going to sometimes have a residual sugar. Red wines are good."

The Purple Parrot Cafe's wine list features over 1,000 labels which Patterson said helps to create a great dining experience for customers.

"You know a food experience and a wine experience can only be so good, but if you pair it with one of those things now it's great," Patterson said. "We want to live in that great category, where we're blowing people's minds, by pairing those things together."

In April, the café will host a wine festival where over 30 winemakers from around the world will be present.