Former Federal Judge Pickering discusses Supreme Court Justice nominations

Former Federal Judge Pickering discusses Supreme Court Justice nominations

Taylorsville, MS (WDAM) - With Antonin Scalia's recent death, the president is looking for potential candidates to fill the spot of Supreme Court Justice.

"The President of the United States is to nominate someone, the Senate is to consider that nomination," President Barack Obama said.

However, Obama is facing backlash. Over the weekend, the Senate said they will not take action if there is a nominee until there is a new president.

Former Federal Judge Charles Pickering said this is the best way to keep the Supreme Court in conservative hands.

"They don't want to turn the court over to five liberal judges who will change the meaning of the Constitution as they see fit," Pickering said. "They are absolutely justified in doing that."

Pickering has a unique perspective because he faced an opposing Senate when he was appointed by George W. Bush as the 5th circuit court judge. He said the Senate blocked his nomination because of his pro-life beliefs.

"There wasn't anything I could do about it, it was either you could fight it or you gave into it and we decided to fight it till the end," Pickering said.

Based on his difficult experience with Senate confirmation, Pickering said a nominee could be better served without a hearing.

"Which is better to not even give a hearing or trying to destroy someones reputation for false charges," Pickering said.

Pickering also said the road to the Supreme Court for the new nominee could be difficult.

"There is no timetable, a president can make those appointments whenever he wants to," Pickering said. "The Senate has the absolute power to do with that nomination whatever they want."

Reflecting back on his personal experiences, he said he has glad he has moved on.

"There is life after the robe and open up other opportunities for me I wrote two books and a number of activities," Pickering said.