Zika raises spring break travel concerns

Zika raises spring break travel concerns

HATTIESBURG, MS - As spring break approaches, many are concerned if the Zika virus will affect their travel plans.

Pro Travel, Inc. in Hattiesburg has booked hundreds of spring break trips.

Owner Lyn McCrory said the agency tries its best to insure customers have the most updated information bout the Zika Virus when planning their vacations.

"We refer them to the CDC the government website," McCrory said. "That way they can read about it and make the decision of whether they want to continue their trip or not."

Nearly 30 countries have reported cases of the Zika. Despite the widespread of the virus in popular tourist areas like the Caribbean and South America, the agency has not seen a decline in bookings to those destinations.

"They're taking it in stride I believe because we have not been bombarded by people terrified of going on their trips that they've already planned," McCrory said.

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH)  is more concerned about pregnant women traveling.

"We recommend that if someone is pregnant or is planning to become pregnant to avoid travel to areas with the Zika transmission," District Health Officer Dr. Kristie Thorton said.

The MSDH recommends precautions for all travelers traveling to countries with Zika outbreaks.

"Try to avoid mosquito infected areas," Thorton said. "Wear light colored clothing, long sleeves, and also use insect repellent containing DEET."

There are no available treatments or vaccines for Zika virus. MSDH recommends calling your health care provider if you think you have the virus and have a travel history.