On Your Side Report: Testing Your Water

On Your Side Report: Testing Your Water

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, is being called a man-made water disaster.

Thousands of residents have been exposed to tainted water.

We spoke to residents about the concern for the water. Donna Irby lives in Hattiesburg but grew up in Michigan, and she is very concerned about the water disaster.

"It's sad, I really think it's sad. Somebody needs to step up and do something about it," Irby said.

David Taylor said things like this should not be happening in our country.

"Things like that go on in third world countries, but it seems like we got some of the third world countries right here in our country," Taylor said

WDAM decided to test the water in the Pine Belt to see if it is safe.

The process was very simple. We purchased a home testing kit from Lowe's for $25.

The kits tests for things like lead, bacteria, lead, copper and pesticides.

We tested at three public locations including Kemper Park and Longleaf trace in Hattiesburg and the Sportsplex in Laurel.

All of our samples were good across the board from all three testing sites.

Mike Moore was not surprised by our results. He works for Suez, the water supply company for the city of Laurel.

"There's no lead issues In Laurel, the water has come back, all of our samples have been pure," Moore said.

Moore said they test the water once per month at 25 different locations across the city.

"Everything's been good, no issues that I'm aware of," Moore said