Residents line up for Arbor Day tree giveaway

Residents line up for Arbor Day tree giveaway

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Friday is Arbor Day, and many Mississippi counties held tree giveaways.

Native hardwood trees were given to a line of folks who came to the event in Lamar County.

Around 25 to 30 people showed up to get free trees.

Bare root seedlings such as crabapple, dogwoods and oaks were also handed out, and the trees went quickly.

"Well it's good for the environment it helps clean the air and absorbs the CO2 and gives off the oxygen that we breathe and is beneficial for wildlife," Lamar County extension agent Ross Overstreet said.

The event is put on by the Lamar Co. Soil and Water Conservation District, the Mississippi Forestry Commission, and the Mississippi State extension service.

The group does this every year and if you would like to get on a list for more information please contact your local extension agent at 601-794-3910.