Facebook posts that annoy each state the most

Facebook posts that annoy each state the most

WDAM - Whether it's photos of your friend's unappetizing spaghetti or the latest pictures of your high school friend's baby dressed up as an Easter bunny, we all have those Facebook posts that drive us bonkers.

The social media marketing firm Rantic surveyed over 10,000 social media users (around 200 per state) to discover what types of Facebook posts irk each state the most.

The most popular annoying posts across the nation are, not surprisingly, when our friends share unfortunate events about their lives or tell us what they had for dinner.

The survey results also showed that 62 percent of men and 67 percent of women do not like when friends overshare about their personal problems.

And the hold on let me #takeaselfie pictures are the most irritating kind of posts for southern states and Washington state.

And with the upcoming presidential election, political posts might soar up the on the annoyance meter for Facebook users.

We have some wise words for Facebook users: manage your newsfeed and choose what you want to see during your daily social media binge.

Do you know what kind of Facebook posts annoy the state of Mississippi? Click through our slideshow to find out!