Wayne County Sheriff's Department lacks bulletproof vests

Wayne County Sheriff's Department lacks bulletproof vests

Having bullet proof vests may seem typical, but that is not the case for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Jody Ashley said his department has vests, but they are outdated.

Ashley said many of the vests do not have a metal plate or any type of side protection which protects against gunshots.

“Going into the door and they’ve got guns, they could have more guns than you’ve got. Entering that door is very dangerous, you’ve got to have bullet proof vests to protect yourself,” Ashley said.

He said his department is operating under last year’s budget, which makes it difficult to fund the vests, so he reached out to the community for help, and they stepped up in a big way.

The churches have come together to help us here in Wayne County, a lot of good Christian people that’s supporting the sheriff’s department and want to help us with donations and money, and it’s humbling and thoughtful of them to do this,” Ashley said.

WDAM also reached out to the Wayne Co. Board of Supervisors to see why there is no funding for the vests. President John Hutto said they have just received a grant for more than $11,000 to fund new equipment for the department.