Joe's Viewpoint: Looking for answers

Joe's Viewpoint: Looking for answers

Back in December, it was uncovered that the Hattiesburg School District's funds had been mismanaged and now they are currently working to keep from falling short of funds for this fiscal school year.

However, there is still no clear understanding by the public of what and how this happened. Mr. Ladner, the interim superintendent, has expressed the desire to look forward and focus on the future. While we can all agree that this is important as they move forward, an open and clear communication of how the district got here is well-deserved by the employees, the parents of the students and those who support the district with taxes.

I would argue that is essential to know the cause, so the district can truly recover and not make the same error in the future.

At WDAM, we are continuing to request more information from the district to bring more clarity to those who deserve it.

This is today's viewpoint.