HPSD takes action after child dropped off at wrong bus stop

HPSD takes action after child dropped off at wrong bus stop

HATTIESBURG, MS - A Hattiesburg school bus driver is off the job after the school district said he dropped of a six-year-old child off at the wrong stop.

On Tuesday a Severe Weather Alert was issued through the Hattiesburg Public School's call system.

Woodley Elementary school, where the child attends, dismissed at 1:55 p.m., but the parents said their child arrived home at 4:15 p.m. with a stranger.

"A man was walking down the street with her," the child's father Jeremy Scott said.

The man was trying to help little Eloise find her home.

"He had her bus card with her and he was GPSing my address," Scott said.

Scott said on Tuesday, Eloise received a new bus card with the correct address but wrong bus number.

She rode the wrong bus all the way to the end of the route.

"And so at the last stop he said you live on Southern Avenue you have to get off here," Scott said.

The parents said Eloise was found wandering somewhere in the area of the 1100 block of Southern Avenue.

Seven On Your Side drove the distance between the stop she was dropped off at, and her regular stop.

The drive was nearly two minutes and about seven blocks away from her regular stop at the corner of Ronnie Street and Southern Avenue.

"We were given the information that the family provided and we also talked to the staff involved," Communications Director of Hattiesburg Public Schools Jas N Smith said.

"We were able to determine the student was dropped off at the wrong bus stop on the same street, just the wrong stop. It was outside the range that we would normally have the student walking."

The school district said they're looking at a number of factors to determine what led to the incident.

"That person is not driving a bus for the district now," Smith said. "And we're looking at what other actions would be appropriate going forward."

The parents filed a report with the Hattiesburg Police Department.

The department is now working with the school district to investigate the incident.