Baxterville project vote up to the students

Baxterville project vote up to the students
Baxterville School

BAXTERVILLE, MS - The Lamar County School Board voted Monday night to determine whether or not Baxterville Middle School would integrate with Purvis Middle School.

In a unanimous vote, school board members approved the option to allow students the choice to transfer from Baxterville School to Purvis Middle School.

This option means students can transfer, but with oversight.

Students in grades 6-8 will be allowed to make the transition, which should take place in the next school term.

Parents at the meeting said they were pleased with the decision.

The project will take 6th through 8th grade students from the Baxterville School in south Lamar County, and transition them to Purvis Middle School.

"This way the students could get there earlier," Smith said. "At an age where it's a lot easier to make friends and join in clubs and organizations and become acclimated, so by the time they do hit high school they are set."

"Bullying is an issue, and most kids in my classroom aren't from Baxterville, that's another thing I don't have lots of classes with Baxterville kids, so I feel kind of isolated from everyone," Purvis ninth grader Ava Rayborn said.