Wayne County authorities warn of IRS phone scam

Wayne County authorities warn of IRS phone scam

WAYNE COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Wayne County authorities are warning the public about an IRS phone scam that has been circulating.

Sheriff Jody Ashley said the Wayne County Sheriff's Department has received several calls from people saying they received a phone call.

"They're saying they're the IRS, you're in trouble, you owe us money," Ashley said.

Ashley said the public should contact them immediately if they receive a call.

"Last year about this time, we had an older gentleman spend about $30,000 and an older lady, $15,000," Ashley said.

Brenda Carter lives in the Wayne County area and she said she knew it was a scam immediately.

"They told me that I needed to return this call and they left a number," Carter said.

Carter said the person on the line told her that she was being sued by the IRS.

"I said well I don't think they're going to sue me because we don't owe them any money," Carter said.

Ashley said it is important to remember that the IRS will not call you by phone to reach you. They will send a certified letter.