Lamar county comes together to help Tornado victims

Lamar county comes together to help Tornado victims

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Two days after a devastating tornado hit Lamar County, members of the community are counting their blessings and working together to clean up.

Jerry Walkely, a resident of Oloh lives on Rocky Branch Road and his house sustained major damages. However, he said having friends and family by his side gives him hope.

"They are all here and helping me out a lot, if they weren't here I wouldn't know what I'd be doing," said Walkley.

Down the road, The Miller family is grateful to be alive. The tornado spared their house but uprooted a century year old tree planted by Shirley Miller's grandfather in 1904.

"I lived my whole life under this tree, my family lived their whole life under this tree. My mother called it the air conditioned living room," said Miller.

Lamar County emergency management officials say 21 homes were destroyed along with three commercial properties and one county building. No injuries or fatalities were reported