How to keep your home safe and warm this season

How to keep your home safe and warm this season

Temperatures are expected to drop below freezing both Saturday and Sunday night and that means many people will want to turn on their heat to keep warm. 

Heating and air conditioning specialist Chris Herring of Jim Smith Services in Hattiesburg said heating units should be serviced every year.

“Whether its gas or electric and it has not been serviced in the past year, it should be checked by a licensed professional,” Herring said. “It could cost them a way lot more to operate than it has to, because it’s still operating inefficiently.”

Herring suggested changing the filter every 30 days to keep the bad air out of the home.

“Most of the biggest problem I run into is people not changing their air filters,” Herring said. “That can cause you a lot of problems with not heating properly.”

Home owners that use gas appliances should take extra precautions.

“First and foremost of course you need smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors,” Herring said. “Low level carbon monoxide is very important for gas appliances whether they be central, wall heaters or anything.”

Herring said portable forced-air heaters that are meant for the outdoors should never be used inside the home.

“It’s not safe,” Herring said. “Like I said you have children, animals, pets that are running around and it could be knocked over. If you touch them they’ll burn you.”

Heaters should be used carefully and as directed.