Shoe donations to aid Glade Elementary in building new playground pavilion

Shoe donations to aid Glade Elementary in building new playground pavilion

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - The Glade Elementary School PTO in Laurel are collecting gently used shoes or new shoes.

These shoes will be collected and sent to Funds2org, which will send them to 25 developing countries to be resold.

The school will receive .40 cents for each pound of shoes collected.

These funds will help the PTO purchase/build a new playground pavilion needed for the students because the original pavilion had to be torn down this year due to safety issues and age of pavilion. The group is asking for the community to help Glade reach their 100 bag goal.

Mary Grace Walters, Glade PTO Treasurer, said that this is a unique way that the community can support their school in efforts to get the necessary funds for building the new pavilion.

"We're not selling anything, so nobody is coming to your door and asking you to buy something," Walters said. "We're only asking for shoe donations and the school gets the money which will help us help our students."

Anyone wishing to donate shoes to the Glade School will find a container at the entrance of the school, marked for PTO Shoes.

Area businesses and churches are also helping the group by collecting donated shoes.

The pairs of shoes will be collected and placed in large bags; each bag will consist of 25 pairs of shoes.

Those donating are asked to make sure the shoes are a pair and not singles.

The Glade Elementary will be collecting shoes until the end of February at the school and local businesses.

For more information, you can call 601-466-0937.