Cell phone safety for teenagers

Cell phone safety for teenagers

WDAM - Having a conversation about sending sext messages with your teenager can be uncomfortable, but it is an important dialogue to have with your teenager.

According to safesearchkids.com, there are several ways to address this topic, and still allow your child to enjoy their mobile device.

The website suggests the following ideas:

  • Cell Phone contracts
  • Restricting the amount of time your teenager spends on his or her phone. This includes calls, texts, and data usage.
  • • Encouraging activities that will draw your child or teenager back into the “real world” so (s)he is more attentive of his or her surroundings.

  • Understanding the features on your child’s phone so you can answer questions and offer guidance.

  • Updating the privacy settings on your child’s phone.

  • Understanding how your child is using their phone, so you can keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

  •  Enforcing the rules.

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