Rescued dogs make speedy recovery in Jones County

Rescued dogs make speedy recovery in Jones County

JONES COUNTY, MS - Two dogs that were rescued in Jones County after they were neglected by their owner are recovering.

According to authorities, the dogs were found malnourished at a home on Rose Lane.

Shelter co-founder Heather Williams said once they learned about the condition of the dogs, shelter workers seized them.

Williams said the dogs had no food or water and were suffering from a condition called sarcoptic mange.

Shelter workers named the dogs Justice and Peace, and Williams said they are making a speedy recovery.

She said the dogs are now in a loving and caring environment.

According to the Jones County Sheriff's Office, Rebecca Lynn Blackledge was charged with animal cruelty.

Williams said animal cruelty is a huge problem in the area, and there needs to be a harsher punishment for offenders.

“It just blows us away that people can see that and look the other way. Just because you walk pass or drive pass suffering, it doesn't mean the suffering ends because you can't see it,” Williams said. “We just urge people, if you're not comfortable calling the sheriff's Department, call your local shelter or rescue and see if they can point you in a different way.”
One of the dogs should be eligible for adoption in nearly four weeks, and the other one should be ready in nearly four months.