Hub City residents participate in 'Peace-Unity-Healing March' for MLK Day

Hub City residents participate in 'Peace-Unity-Healing March' for MLK Day
MLK March

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - People in the Pine Belt celebrated the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on his holiday.

Around a hundred people participated in the second annual "Peace-Unity-Healing March" from Vernon Dahmer Park to Mount Zion Baptist Church.

Marchers started the morning gathered at Vernon Dahmer Park for a word of prayer, and an encouraging message to children about avoiding violence and conflict.

"This is a day of a rebirth, one man took a vision that god gave to him, he walked that vision out, and even gave his life for it, and we who have come after him are ready and willing to take on that vision and prosper in this season is now our time," Cathy Ross-Woulard said.

"Martin Luther King Day means moving forward and continuing in his legacy to bring all men to equality," Janice Darty said.

"Martin Luther King Day means years and years of struggle, and I think god chose one man to start the struggle, it has been an uphill journey and it will continue because a lot of things have changed but a lot of things still remain the same," Jean Watts-Maxxie said.

Participants ended the journey at Mount Zion Baptist Church, where King spoke two weeks before his death.

Signs were displayed during the match expressing peace and unity, along with stopping violence in Hattiesburg in light of recent homicides.

"I'm glad that white people and black people can be brothers like God said, we (are) all created equal," Justin Ferrell said.