Possible city of Bellevue reveals five-year plan

Possible city of Bellevue reveals five-year plan

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Leaders of the potential city of Bellevue are revealing the city's five-year plan to Lamar County residents who would live in a possible future city.

"We do have a plan," mayor of the potential city John Adcock said. "It's basically a five year implementation plan that gives year one numbers, the services that the city would intend to provide, and how the city would provide those services- pay for those services."

Adcock said Bellevue leaders are giving out plan packets as they visit neighborhoods that would be included if Bellevue becomes a city. Those packets break down the potential city's profile, including population, businesses, current utility provider and an estimate of the costs in the first year.

"Year one is a lot of planning and zoning, applying for grants," Adcock said. "It goes all the way through the implementation of the fire rating plan and implementing that, the police force and how we pay for those things."

It also includes estimated city revenues based on different tax millage rates, including revenue from sales tax.

"The seven percent sales tax that generated by commercial sales, all goes to Jackson, OK? In an unincorporated area, none of that sales tax comes back to the community," Adcock said. "Once incorporated, 18 percent of that seven percent would come back to the city of Bellevue."

He said having concrete information to show potential residents has helped boost the number of signatures on the incorporation petition.

"In the neighborhoods that we've had a presence in thus far, we are well above two-thirds of the registered voters inside those neighborhoods," he said. "So I think you're seeing a trend, you know, as we get out and are able to answer those questions and show people the plan that this is going to get done."

Leaders need two-thirds of registered voters in the proposed city to sign the petition to move forward to incorporation.