Joe's Viewpoint: Lottery Mania

Joe's Viewpoint: Lottery Mania

Lots in the news over the past week or so concerning your chances of winning the Powerball lottery jackpot and you have probably heard that the odds are not very good – in fact they are quite poor.

But the chances are good that  you know someone among the thousands who have travelled outside of our state to purchase a ticket.

Mississippi along with Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah is in the minority of states that does not have a lottery.

Whether you consider this a moral issue or not, we do have casinos operating across our state so would it be much different for us if we had a lottery.

For this change to happen lots would need to be done, since the decision to go with casinos rather than a lottery was made over 20 years ago and the casino agreements have reflected that.

But, currently our lottery fans are spending their money in neighboring states. Many states have marked their lottery proceeds for education.

Following the failure of Initiative 42 to pass, should we again consider a lottery that would keep those dollars here in Mississippi? What do you think?