Medical Housecall: Clinical therapist gives tips to make sure resolutions stick

Medical Housecall: Clinical therapist gives tips to make sure resolutions stick

It's 13 days into the new year. How is that New Year's resolution coming? If it is not going so well, there is still hope. If you want to make sure this is the year you truly commit to your new goals, Clinical Therapist for Pine Grove Outpatient Services Ted Crawford said be the turtle.

"It is better to be the tortoise and not the hare. There's less stumbling around and less set backs," Crawford said.

Crawford said keep these simple words of advice in mind. He said when it comes to picking your resolutions, less is more.

"The number one tip is just pick one," Crawford said.

He explained that picking one resolution will allow you to start small and slowly.
"You can always add more later. You can always increase the intensity of whatever it is you are going for later," Crawford said.

Crawford said make your goals specific.

"If I want to connect more with my loved ones that is kind of vague how about: 'I am going to pick one particular person that I know I have kind of neglected the relationship, and I'm going to invite them over for dinner once every couple of months', " Crawford said.

He added that a good way to make sure you reach your goal is to write it down. On a website called Lifewithme by blogger Marianna Hewitt, there are three printable sheets anyone can use to apply Crawford's suggestions and stay on track. On one sheet you can identify your problems, the solution, what action you will take to solve it and the date the problem was solved. For the second sheet, you can write what you will do more or less of this year in order to reach your goal. The last sheet, you can write your resolution at the top, and then steps to get to that end goal.

If you need a little more incentive, Crawford said confide in a friend.

"If you tell them, 'Hey this is really important to me', usually they will check in on your every once in a while and say,'How are you doing on such and such?'.  It kind of keeps it on the forefront of your mind and it is encouraging."

Crawford said this might be the best tip.

"Just expect the set back, accept the set back," Crawford said.

Crawford said acceptance doesn't mean approval, it just means you get back up and start again.