Lamar County officials sworn in

Lamar County officials sworn in
District Attorney Hal Kittrell

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Lamar County elected officials were sworn in Monday morning in front of a capacity crowd at the Lamar County Courthouse.

Judges Prentiss Harrell, Anthony Mozingo and William Andrews took turns reciting the oath for the elected officials to take in front of friends and family.

Newly elected officials were Joseph "Jop" Parker, Cody Creel, Martin Hankins and Steve Lampton.

Man it’s great, I tell you we are following in some big footsteps here, Mike (Backstrom) has done a great job for 24 years, and we just hope to be able to continue the work that he has done and make improvements and make changes as they come and need be warranted, so we are looking forward to it,” District 1 Supervisor Steve Lampton said.

Another new face now on the elected officials list is Lamar County Coroner Cody Creel.

"It is a relief, honestly we are very humble, we had a long hard campaign, we are excited it's all over and we are looking forward to the next four years," Creel said.

One of Creel's biggest concerns in office is to push for quicker response times for families, and trying to work more closely with them to meet their needs.

The Lamar County Circuit Clerk position was taken over today by recently elected Martin Hankins, who after being sworn in went straight to work with a trial.

"This is an exciting time, you try to really live in that time and in that moment, today just has been great and I am so humble and thankful to be able to serve the people of Lamar County,"  Hankins said.

For updated contact information regarding elected official, you can visit the Lamar County Website for details.