GrateFull Soul in Hattiesburg serves traditional New Year's Day meal

GrateFull Soul in Hattiesburg serves traditional New Year's Day meal

Hattiesburg - Grant Ford and his crew at GrateFull Soul in Hattiesburg started preparing a New Year's Day feast for customers at 7 a.m.

"Today we're serving fried pork chops with black-eyed peas, cabbage, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, and even got the cornbread to go with it," Ford said.

The typical southern dinner is customary this time of year.

"Well traditionally, as far as I know, black-eyed peas are for luck and cabbage and greens are for money," Ford said.

GrateFull Soul opened in November 2014. They were one of the few local restaurants in Hattiesburg to serve dinner on New Year's Day.

"Apparently a lot of people don't like to open on New Year's, but we like to feed the people and get them started on the right foot," Ford said.

More than 100 customers from across the Pine Belt grabbed a plate with hopes that it would bring them success in the new year.

"Today we knew we were going to be busy some people are even willing to stand and get there to-go plate," Ford said.

"Well I know it's going to be good food because it always is and I'm hoping that it brings me luck," customer Paul McDaniel said. "I got the black-eyed peas and the cabbage."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it," customer Gilbert Gay said. "I eat lunch here all the time, so the tradition for today was a little special so that was a good deal."

Ford said he hopes the traditional meal will bring him the good fortune of more customers for a prosperous new year.