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Arlington Water Association Board addresses financial issues slowing repairs


Arlington Water Association customers voiced their frustrations about low water pressure and broken pipes to the water board Tuesday night, but the board said financial issues are preventing them from making more permanent repairs.

"A lot of times we don't take in enough money to cover our debts," board member Allen Lott said. "We're behind on some, and we just have to work from one month to the next month to be able to pay our bills." 

Lott said that often means that small, temporary repairs are the best the board can do.

"We don't have enough money that we can go buy and store parts here all the time," he said. 

He also said the board also has to prioritize problems.

"In some cases if we have a small leak over here in one place that's keeping three or four families from getting water, and we have a line break over here that's keeping 100 folks from having them troubles, which one are we going to fix first? We're going to fix the bigger one first," Lott said.

The board did say it would look at the water line along Pat Hinton Road where residents had to fix their own break and consider rerouting the water with some new pipe to hopefully prevent further breaks.

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