U-Haul offering 30 days of free self-storage to those at risk for Mississippi flooding

U-Haul offering 30 days of free self-storage to those at risk for Mississippi flooding

VICKSBURG, MS - This is a news release from U-Haul

U-Haul Company of Mississippi is offering 30 days of free self-storage and U-Box container usage to residents facing the growing threat of flooding along the Mississippi River.

State officials said that the flooding could be reminiscent of flooding in 2008 and 2011, both of which caused millions of dollars in damage.

"We know rain is expected, which could cause the river to rise by several feet," U-Haul Company of Mississippi President Dick Porter said. "We've had people calling us already looking for trucks to start moving their belongings as a precaution. We want to offer relief to potential victims of this flooding and also let the public know about our 30 days free storage offer as another option."

"For people who need to move out of their homes," Porter continued, "U-Haul can be a place to store their things if they are in danger of being flooded."

U-Haul self-storage locations can be found at uhaul.com. Families needing more information about the 30 days free self-storage assistance offer should contact:

U-Haul Company of Mississippi

2234 Hwy 80 W

Jackson, MS 39204

(800) 222-7691

Attn: Dick Porter, President

U-Haul self-storage locations with no available storage units may offer U-Box portable moving and self-storage containers. With U-Box containers, you can conveniently pick up our custom-designed trailer and take your U-Box container with you. U-Haul also can store your U-Box container in our secure warehouses or even pick up and deliver it to a location of your choice.

U-Haul stores have much-needed supplies to help with storm recovery such as boxes, tarps, propane and propane tanks. U-Haul urges customers to ensure that their tanks are topped off since propane is good to have on hand in the event of long-term power outages.

In addition to the 30 days free self-storage assistance being offered, people who need boxes can take advantage of the U-Haul Take a Box, Leave a Box Program. The program enables customers to return their reusable boxes and allows others to take them as needed – FREE. U-Haul encourages anyone who has a reusable box to drop it off at the nearest U-Haul location and allow another family to reuse it.