Last-minute holiday shoppers rush to Turtle Creek Mall

Last-minute holiday shoppers rush to Turtle Creek Mall

HATTIESBURG, MS - The day before Christmas means long lines and big crowds for last minute shoppers.

"It's been hectic, there's a lot of people in this mall," Shopper Tiffany Jackson said.

"I think everybody's trying to catch up," Shopper Dr. Okorie said.

"Tomorrow is a big day and you don't want to disappoint your wife tomorrow."

Mall Employee Whitney Page said this week has been busy because of the mall's extended holiday hours and that the cooperation from customers has made the time manageable.

"With everyone being really understanding like knowing we have more people to deal with and everything like that they're very patient with us and really appreciate it," Page said.

Some customers said the chaos was all a part of the holiday tradition.

"I enjoy the experience of getting out here with a bunch of people doing it, just enjoying the season," J.D. Biblo said.

Many customers said the sales make the crowds worth it.

"We went to a couple different stores and saved a lot of money today," Biblo said.

There are many customers that don't wait until the last minute to Christmas shop.

"I always start in October because that way everything is not picked over and stuff and I always put my stuff on layaway," Gabriele Atterberry said.

"We didn't do last-minute Christmas shopping but we do send our love and our prayers to everyone for Christmas," Merle Greiner.

Mall employees encourage shoppers to slow down during the holiday rush.

"Just please drive careful, don't forget how to drive and use your turn signals," Page said.

The Turtle Creek Mall will be closed on Christmas day, but the movie theater will remain open.