Club Memories must meet court order before re-opening

Club Memories must meet court order before re-opening
Club Memories

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Judge Johnny Williams signed an agreement order Friday regarding the status of Club Memories.

The club is allowed to re-open, but only under a set of strict guidelines that enhance security in, and around the property.

The order lists 10 conditions in which the club has to comply with before re-opening.

  1. Contract with a certified professional security company to perform all security services upon the premises inside and outside the club.
  2. Have minimum of four security guards assigned to monitor the parking lot at all times during all hours of operation and immediately following closing to assure that there is no loitering in the parking lot at any time by any person.
  3. Require patrons of the club to remain inside the club or in any designated area of the club or to immediately vacate the premises during all hours of operation.
  4. Secure the parking lot with a fence and establish parking grids, driving lanes and defined entry and exit points within the parking lot. Require and enforce that vehicles inside the parking lot are at all times parked in a manner that will allow the entry into and exit from the parking lot by law enforcement and emergency personnel. Have a minimum of two security guards posted at each established entrance who will log the tag numbers and information on the occupants of each vehicle that no weapons are allowed on the premises and that the vehicle is subject to be searched at any time that it is on the premises.
  5. Assure that at all times all cameras both inside the club and in the parking lot are in proper working order and are properly placed to monitor activities both inside the club, at club entrance, and in the club parking lot.
  6. Utilize a hand wand metal detector on all persons entering the club and require a minimum of four security guards within the club at all times during all hours of operation.
  7. Strictly enforce all rules posted outside and inside the club and comply with all city ordinances concerning occupancy.
  8. Security guards located at the entrance of the club shall restrict hats, clothing that reflects any type of gang-affiliated insignia or customized gang-related graphic designs or lettering, and clothing pattern that would lead a reasonable person to believe that it is gang affiliated.
  9. Establish an exit route from the parking lot when the club closes for the night which shall be directed by a minimum of four security guards to ensure that all patrons are off the premises within thirty minutes after the club closes.
  10. Use any other reasonable precaution to provide for the safety of all patrons of the club and the public in general.

Safety concerns arose after two of Hattiesburg's five homicides this year happened on the night club's property.