Tips: Reduce holiday stress and save money

Tips: Reduce holiday stress and save money

HATTIESBURG, MS - With Christmas just days away, finding the ideal gift for a loved one while not spending too much money can be quite overwhelming.

"I always wonder if I have something they're going to like," Holiday shopper Cindy Wiltcher said. "Did I get everybody the same amount of stuff? What if I got this one more than I got that one?"

"People get stressed out this time of year mainly because they wait till the last minute to do their Christmas shopping," Holiday shopper William "Bo" Walker said.

According to the American Psychological Association nearly a quarter of Americans are stressed during the holiday season.

High expectations for creating the perfect holiday can create great amounts of stress.

Clinical Therapist Ted Crawford and author of Taming the Christmas Crazy offers several tips on how to relieve holiday stress and save money.

Here is an excerpt from his article "Taming the Christmas Crazy:"

1) Figure out what Christmas costs (in addition to the shopping, you have bigger utility bills, food/entertainment expenses, etc.) and plan ahead. Also, decide who’s been naughty or nice and set a reasonable limit on what you’ll spend on each person. Though difficult, make every effort to stay in budget! This really works best if it’s not a one-person project, by the way. So unless you’re single, do yourself and your relationship a favor and haggle this out with your spouse or partner (it may be a pain, but it’s cheaper to invest this energy up front, if you know what I mean). 

2) Keep a running total of what you’ve spent. Awareness of this total can “sober” you into better decisions. Avoid buying on impulse, and don’t buy non-Christmas stuff that can wait until January. 

3) Shop online first. At home in your underwear, click, click click… done! Can’t find what you need online? Before you venture out, call stores to check the item’s availability and cost. Depending on the size and busyness of the store, this could go either way on the stress meter, but retail clerks often think a ringing phone is some kind of emergency compared to the person in front of them who put clothes on and drove to the store. And, of course, phone calls can be made in your underwear too. Finding who has what you want at a decent price first, saves money, gas and time. 

4) Choose gifts for kids/teens based on the value of how much they’ll actually be used. Play the movie forward in your head. Examples: That cute little Kung Fu Panda chair? C’mon, you know lil’ Boo-Boo can’t sit down for more than 3 seconds… move on! Closet Organizer for 15 y/o son? Think about it. Bedazzled pajama jeans? Really, Mom? Snap the rubber band on your wrist and back away slowly. 

Now, about increasing the meaning of the holiday (and saving money):

1) Home-make your gifts (food/candy, knitting, woodworking, etc), i.e. make your internal gifts, into a gift and give them a piece of you. 

2) Give coupons for services like foot-rubs, yard work, cleaning, making a favorite meal, etc (once, my wife gave me a coupon allowing me to win an argument… how sweet!). These are gifts of “experience”. 

3) Give of yourself. Fulfillment is about letting go of our natural desire to receive things, so adopt a needy child or family and be Santa, or volunteer at a service organization. 

4) Make it real. Decide what’s fulfilling to you compared to society’s expectations and spend time w/ loved ones being true to it. ‘Dollars spent’ isn’t the measure of a person’s love. 

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