Bus driver fired after dropping kids off with stranger

Bus driver fired after dropping kids off with stranger
You can find links for the 2018-2019 back-to-school supply lists for the Forrest County School District here. (Photo source: RNN archive)

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A Lamar County School District bus driver has been terminated after breaking policy.

On Tuesday, at least two students arrived late to Oak Grove Upper Elementary School, after their bus driver dropped them off at a trailer park in the county.

"This is something that we instantly investigated once we were notified and the driver was terminated on site," Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith said.

Smith said the driver was on the first route of the morning and they were the last two students on the bus.

"The driver dropped the kids off to a family who then took them to school and they were signed in late," Smith said.

Smith added that the tardy forms given to the two students will be excused.

Smith had no response for why the bus driver dropped them off.

"Any other bus could have picked them up, or left them with the other students on the route when dropped off at school, there are just multiple options, or even just be late for the next route," Smith said.

Neither of the two kids was harmed, according to Smith.

"Safety is our top priority, especially when it comes children and our buses, we have a zero tolerance policy for any disregard of rules when it comes to protecting our children," Smith said.

Keyanna Smith, mother of one of the kids, said this is not the first time that something like this has happened to her child.

"Anything could have happened," Keyanna Smith said. "If were in a bigger city and you got predators around watching, you know all this time my baby was in the car with this lady, they could've had a wreck, anything could happen and I know I don't want this to happen to nobody else."