SHOCK VIDEO: Store employee pulls gun on customer over broken bottle

SHOCK VIDEO: Store employee pulls gun on customer over broken bottle


The common saying "You break it, you buy it," was not followed at a Hattiesburg service station and ended in a store employee pulling a gun on his customer.

Mohsen Ghaleb, store manager of Eagle Gas Station and A&B Food Mart on Hardy Street, bailed out of jail Friday evening after a customer filed charges for pulling a gun on him after breaking a beer bottle.

Customer Carlos Molina said he went to the store Wednesday night for cigarettes and beer, but when he pulled the six pack down from the shelf, one bottle fell out and broke.

"The one clerk is being nice, and the other clerk tells me, 'Hey, you gotta pay for that'," Molina recalled of the second employee's angry stature. "I'm like, 'Okay, it was an accident, dude. I mean I really don't really feel how I should have to pay for it.'"

A video posted on Molina's Facebook shows the employee, Mohsen Ghaleb, cocking a gun and briefly holding it to Molina's head after Molina said he would not pay for the broken beer.

"I got a hundred dollar bill," Molina said in the video.

"I'm gonna take it, I'm gonna take it," Ghaleb said, then pulled the gun, which appeared to be concealed in his back pocket.

Molina continued to say he would not pay for the beer, although he told WDAM 7 News Friday that he would have paid for the items had Ghaleb not responded in the way shown on the video.

Ghaleb's lawyer, William Walter, said Ghaleb was "known to be a good man."

"I don't know exactly what led up to the incident that I saw in the video," Walter said. "I'd be hesitant to say he stepped out of line."

Ghaleb is charged with simple assault by threat, exhibiting a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. The inmate listing stated it is classified as a misdemeanor. Walter said the gun was registered to the store, whose owner lives in Yemen.

Questions from WDAM to Hattiesburg Police about the incident were not immediately answered.