Today's viewpoint: Board member responsibilities

Today's viewpoint: Board member responsibilities

Following the Hattiesburg Public School Superintendent resigning over budget discrepancies, the board president said that they are waiting for the findings from an audit being conducted by the Mississippi Department of Education to see just how big the deficit is for the school district.

With all the campaigning this year about properly funding our schools, it is distressing to hear that those responsible for educating the next generation have not taken every step to ensure that the funds are being spent responsibly.

It is still unclear what role the board played in where the school district finds itself today.

What it does shed light on is how important members of any board are to an organizations.

Board members perform a very important function and can provide the right checks and balances needed to ensure adequate funds are available to carry out the mission and vision.

Board members should take their appointments seriously, they should ask questions and probe all responsible parties for adequate clarification.

They should treat the money like it was their grandmothers.

I hope that this recent development will usher in better accountability from all involved.

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