Hattiesburg leadership taking action after second nightclub homicide

Hattiesburg leadership taking action after second nightclub homicide

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Hub City's top leaders are working to find the best course of action, regarding Club Memories after the second person this year was killed on the property.

The Hattiesburg Police Department is working with the city council and the Forrest County District Attorney's office to investigate this weekend's killing and decide how to move forward with the club's business status.

"Based on the outcome (of the investigation), that will determine the next step that the city will take towards the club, if there is any," HPD Lt. Jon Traxler said.

Traxler said there are "a lot of different things" that could happen to the club, but the final decision would come from a judge.

"We have to consider something, and we have discussed it," council president Kim Bradley (Ward 1) said.

The council went into executive session Monday night with the police chief and assistant chief after the need to discuss the club was mentioned.

"As leaders, elected leaders, we have to stand up and do something," Bradley said, whose ward includes Club Memories. "We are doing something."

When a similar incident happened at Hattiesburg's Hunt Club several years ago, Bradley said the city shut down the club without going through the proper process. Eventually a judge intervened, and the club was permanently closed. Bradley said the council is working to go through the proper process from the beginning this time.

"We're not out to do a business in, but at the same time, we can't allow to continue what's been going on there," he said.

Traxler said the investigation could be completed in days or weeks, and there is an undetermined amount of time before a decision is made, if the case is sent to a judge.

Bradley said this is a singular incident, but the council could consider regulations on nightclubs, including exterior lighting and security, although he said the council was met with opposing views when these items were discussed previously.