How to protect yourself during a manhunt

How to protect yourself during a manhunt

PINE BELT - Here are some safety tips to protect you and your family during an active manhunt.

  • Close and lock all doors and windows
  • Stay away from windows, and keep all family members in a centralized area of the home
  • Make sure lights in and outside of your home are off
  • Do not answer the door under any circumstances
  • Keep a phone nearby incase an intruder tries to access your home or property
  • Call to report any suspicious activity in your area to police

If an intruder does make entry to your home, follow these steps:

  • Get to a room with a door that locks and immediately call 911
  • If you can, barricade the door with whatever items you can find
  • Find a safe place to hide within that room
  • Listen to the intruders. Make note of any details you can to relay to the 911 operator
  • Keep the 911 operator on the line until police arrive to the home
  • Stay as quiet as you can. Do not address the intruders or make any noise to give away your location

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