Hattiesburg World War II veteran remembers Pearl Harbor

Hattiesburg World War II veteran remembers Pearl Harbor

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Monday marks 74 years since what President Roosevelt called "A day which will live in infamy," which was the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Japan's navy and air force launched the surprise attack in the early morning hours on that fateful day.

We caught up with a Hattiesburg World War II veteran who was an eye witness to the final surrender of Japan and was present when Gen. Douglas MacArthur boarded the USS Missouri.

He gave his thoughts about this special day.

"Five or six years ago when I went over there to Hawaii," Arthur Albert said. "They put us on a ship and toured all the way around Pearl Harbor, where all the ships were tied. The ones that sunk and everything like that, that will take your breath away and I tell you I never was so hurt in all my life. I mean your heart just stops and I just, I mean, it hurt me worse than anything, when I got off that motor well boat to get back on the pier. I thought, 'boy oh boy wasn't that something.'"

Albert, who will turn 90 in January, served aboard the USS Missouri and retired from the Navy 50 years ago.