Wanted felon apprehended, will be extradited to Waynesboro

Wanted felon apprehended, will be extradited to Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, MS (WDAM) - A wanted forgery felon was apprehended in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Friday.

Shad Edward Nichols, who was wanted by Waynesboro PD, Quitman, PD, Louisiana Bureau of Investigations, Louisiana State Troopers, Louisiana Commerce Authorities, State of Florida Fraud Investigation, and the Federal Fraud & Postal Investigators, has been apprehended by the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department in Oklahoma City.

Nichols was wanted on the charges of felony forgery of business checks

He was apprehended by the Sheriff's Department in Oklahoma forging and issuing fraudulent business checks in their city and county.

Once Nichols is charged and arraigned on the charges in Oklahoma he will then face extradition to each agency who holds charges on him.

Currently Waynesboro PD has the lead extradition order on Nichols, and will extradite him on the charges facing him once he is cleared to be returned.

Edwards is just one of a ring of forgers who range in age from 21 to 60 who have gone through out the Southern states forging and passing fraudulent checks.

There were $5,000 in fraudulent checks  passed in the city of Waynesboro.

Nichols case is being presented to the January 2016, Wayne County Grand Jury without arrest and if Indicted on the charges then the Indictments will be forwarded to Oklahoma City authorities to provide further reason for extradition.

At this time, the other members of the forgery ring remain at large.

It is unknown at this time if any others were apprehended along with Nichols in Oklahoma