FCA at PRCC hosts Christmas party for special needs children

FCA at PRCC hosts Christmas party for special needs children

POPLARVILLE, MS (WDAM) - The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at Pearl River Community College  in Poplarville hosted Operation Christmas Joy.

The event was a Christmas party was put on for special needs children in Pearl River County.

"We talk about giving in a way that you don't ever expect anything back," FCA Director Jacob Hickman said. "We saw this group as people we could give to never expecting anything in return."

Over 150 students and 50 teacher participated in dancing, face painting and games.

Student athletes bought Christmas gifts for all the children.

The women's basketball team answered wish lists for an entire school.

"The girls adopted the entire Picayune School, so all the students that they had they adopted and went and got them gifts," Hickman said.

Hickman said it was important for athletes to serve as community leaders.

"Athletes are placed in a place of leadership, so it's so important for athletes who have been given a microphone to learn to serve and give back," Hickman said.

"It's a great feeling," FCA member Hayle Shoemake said. "It makes my heart happy because I didn't think we'd make such a big impact, but watching them get their presents and being so excited about it makes it all worth it."

The FCA started planning the event the beginning of August, and hopes to have another large event next spring.