Tips to protect your holiday deliveries

Tips to protect your holiday deliveries
Packages being shipped

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - It's that time of year when hundreds of thousands of packages are shipped and delivered to people's homes every day.

Local law enforcement in the Pine Belt is reminding people to be aware, and be cautious so those items are not an easy target for crooks.

"We want everybody to not be the victim of a crime of opportunity; we want them to do everything they can to protect themselves first and foremost," Hattiesburg Police Lt. Jon Traxler said.

Around the holiday's packages sit on doorsteps and make an easy target.

"We don't want anything left on your porches, don't leave something for the thief to take, that is just an easy option for someone if they see a tv or computer box on your doorstep," Traxler said.

Traxler said there are multiple avenues of protection available.

"Tracking your packages, knowing when something is coming, making sure that as soon as it hits it is put inside, there is even things that you can leave a note for the delivery person that says please take it to your drop off office and we will come and pick it up," Traxler said. "If you have got security systems on your houses, use those, have those if it's a camera type system, have those to where they activate as well."

If you are interested in video security camera systems, Best Buy in Hattiesburg has some advice on what may work to protect your items.

"We do have a lot of options for personal home security video, we have multiple that you can control with your phone, we have ones that you can move multi-directionally, many you can record video with, so we do have a lot of options here in store," said JC Cox, Best Buy Asset Protection Employee.

Best Buy will also install those security items that they sell in store.

"For those people who do have video or camera systems, they are a great asset, and even video or a photo or a suspect stealing something or even just caught on video is a great tool for officers to use," Traxler said.

If you do see anything suspicious, or someone possibly taking a package, call the police.

"We'd rather get that call, and go out and investigate and find out that it is that family member picking up a package for them, than not get the call and that one last package that they needed to make somebody's Christmas the best Christmas ever is gone," Traxler said.