Pine Belt Christmas tree farms are in full swing

Pine Belt Christmas tree farms are in full swing

HATTIESBURG, MS - Most people begin looking for trees the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The crew at Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm in Hattiesburg, Mississippi has been working hard to get customers ready for Christmas.

The family's farm has been a part of the community for nearly 47 years.

Owner Randy Thomley said this is the time most families come to pick out their tree.

"This is definitely our busiest weekend," Thomley said. "Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."

The farm offers flocking to give the feeling of a White Christmas.

"We do pink and blue and white flocking of the trees and we do a lot of wreaths and garlands," Thomley said.

Some families reserve trees weeks in advance, but most are taken home the day of.

"We have marker sticks that we send them out in the field with," Thomley said.

"So if they're leaving with them that day they will mark the tree to reserve it temporarily while they come get us and then we'll come process it and cut it down," Thomley said.

The farm grows three different types of trees:

  • Carolina Saphire
  • Virginia Pine
  • Leyland Cypress (most popular)

Customers have the opportunity to handpick from almost 9,000 trees on the farm, and Thomley said this creates an exciting experience for families.

"The service here is absolutely wonderful," Kana Cochran said. "From the time you get here they have golf carts ready for you. They tell you exactly what you need."

This is the Cochran family's third year on Thomley's Christmas Tree Farm.

Sons Conners and Kaden picked out this year's tree.

"We like the real because they get the experience of going and actually starting from the ground up and seeing it, cutting it down, and taking it home verses just pulling one out of the attic each year," Cochran said. "It becomes more of a tradition."

The farm also has has a gift shop and livestock for families to enjoy.