Hattiesburg shoppers score Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving

Hattiesburg shoppers score Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg shoppers headed out to major retailers on Thanksgiving to score early Black Friday deals.

Debra Caldwell said she was at Target by 10:30 Thursday morning to be the first in line. She said she can tell she saves money by shopping Black Friday sales.

"Definitely," Caldwell said. "Oh most definitely. I mean, by half at least."

Nadia Nixon said she had not been Black Friday shopping before, but said she thought the money she could save on big ticket items made the trip worth it.

"I'm moving next semester, and I'm trying to get all of this for the cheap price," Nixon said.

The most popular item people said they were waiting for? TVs.

"I came to get another TV," Caldwell said.

Nixon said, "Hopefully a TV, a new TV."

Maxine Smith said she only went shopping on Thanksgiving to get a new TV.

"Got my ticket. That's all I wanted," Smith said. "Ain't got time to do nothing else. I want this TV! That's what I came for."

Caldwell said Black Friday shopping is a family tradition.

"I'll do it every year until I can't do it anymore," she said.

But Nixon said this year will likely be her first and last Black Friday.

"This is my first time doing a Black Friday," Nixon said. "I really never did it, so the experience was pretty cool. But I don't think I'd do it again, though."