Little progress made renovating courthouse in Ellisville

Little progress made renovating courthouse in Ellisville

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - Back in October, the courthouse in Ellisville suffered damage after heavy rainfall leaked through the roof and inside the records room where historical documents are kept.

Seven on your Side went back to the courthouse to see how much progress has been made, and it appears that there has only been minor patchwork.

"They've put some sheet or something up there in certain place, but they're making plans to put a roof on it," Supervisor Andy Dial said.

Dial said the building needs major renovations, but they do not have enough money to do it.

"We've probably got enough money to put a roof on, but we hadn't got enough to spend millions of dollars on it," Dial said.

Unlike most counties in Mississippi, Jones County has two courthouses to maintain, which means the county and taxpayers have to spend more money.

"Yes it costs more, with two buildings that size and they'll continue to be here. With two building that size, it's more expensive. But they've been here a long time and they'll continue to be here," Dial said.

Dial said there are no plans to consolidate the two courthouses.

"The fact is this building has got to be maintained because it's on that history and archives list so there's no choice with that," Dial said.

Dial said some historical documents that were drenched in water are mostly salvageable and are in a safe place.