Rock Hill VFD, Lamar County in need of volunteers

Rock Hill VFD, Lamar County in need of volunteers
Rock Hill VFD

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Counties with volunteer fire departments across the state of Mississippi are always in need of volunteers.

One of those departments in Southeast Lamar County has roughly a dozen volunteers and has a greater need than others.

The Rock Hill volunteer fire department responds to different scenes county wide to assist whenever they are needed, and in their immediate area they protect just over 400 residents.

"We are here for the community, we do it for the community and we would like to keep going and doing it for the community," Rock Hill Fire Chief Larry Boyles said.

With the struggling volunteer numbers, the department is having trouble responding.

"We are in need of more members, we got an opening right now for a live in residence, and it's easy for us to keep everything up, the truck running at all times," Boyles said.

The live-in position is not a paid one, but it does provide a place to live at the station, and would be a huge asset to response times.

"Where we are hurting is actually all day, during the day time we ain't (sic) got that many and that's what is hurting us right now, but if we can get more volunteers that could help us out," Boyles said.

County Fire Coordinator George Stevens said that could soon be changing for several areas, and that the county is exploring options to provide more for incentives for volunteers.

"We need volunteers county wide, that is no secret, but Rock Hill, they do have a greater need and the numbers are pretty low there," Stevens said.

"We need volunteers, our district is small, but we still need volunteers to protect the area that we have," Rock Hill Assistant Fire Chief Jerry Green said.

Department officials are looking for all the help they can get to boost the department's numbers and hope to double the number they have.

"You know if people are working nights and they could answer calls for us during the day and we could make a lot more use of that," Boyles said.

Green said manpower and support are two major things that they need.

"It would take the pressure off of us, the ones we have here, some of us are older and we can use some help from these younger guys," Green said.

If you are interested in signing up, head over to the Rock Hill station at 1256 Old Highway 11, or call Chief Boyles at 601.310.4243.