Lamar County Walmart discussion tabled until 2016

Lamar County Walmart discussion tabled until 2016
Blue print plans for a potential Walmart in Canebrake.

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - In early November, the Lamar County Planning Commission was presented with the idea of a Walmart Supercenter locating in the Bellevue Community.

That idea was tabled until the commissions scheduled meeting in December, but that date has now been pushed back to sometime in January.

"People with Carlson Engineering , who has been representing Walmart has asked for it to be tabled for the December hearing, possibly in January is when they want to be heard, but they did not want to be tied to that date," Lamar County Senior Planner Michael Hershman said.

Hersham said he was unaware of the exact reason why they asked for the matter to be tabled.

"It could be a possibility to do further outreach,  could be to further study the topic, I mean there are a couple of reasons it could have happened," Hershman said.

The planning commission simply hears the proposal, and then votes on their approval or good standing to pass along to the board of supervisors for an actual decision.

According to Hershman, they were presented with a plan regarding the matter.

"An amendment of the comprehensive plan, a rezoning request, and a conditional use, that was the request that was before the planning commission," Hershman said.

Hershman also said that his office is still taking comments from the community and encourages anyone to send an email and voice their concern regarding Walmart.

You can send the emails to

Hershman added that Walmart has also asked for a variance on the total signage, which has also been tabled until after the first of the year.