Verdict reached in child pornography retrial

Verdict reached in child pornography retrial

JONES COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - The retrial for the Jones County man who was previously convicted of child exploitation has gone to the jurors.

The jury found John Lowe guilty on all five counts of sexual exploitation in court Thursday.

He is sentenced to a total of five life terms in prison, with a $100,000 fine per charge for a total of $500,000.

"The state is very relieved with the verdict and appreciate the judge on sentencing John Lowe to five consecutive life sentences," District Attorney Tony Buckley-Jones County said.  "It couldn't happen to a nastier and vile, sick individual. He'll appeal it of course and if they reverse it, we'll try it again. We won't stop until Lowe comes out of prison in a pine box."

Lowe was convicted in 2011 on five counts of child pornography  and the judge sentenced him to five life terms in prison.

On appeal, his lawyers got a retrial after claiming that he did not have access to a proper computer forensic expert during the first trial.

The state presented testimony from an expert witness in the field of computer technology and argued that although there were two users on the same computer, only Lowe could have downloaded the sexually explicit images of the children, since his profile was password protected. 

The defense countered that even though the material was downloaded to the computer, John Lowe working at Masonite during the time they were downloaded. Since there were multiple Wi-Fi networks in the area, they claim it was possible anyone could have used his profile "Music Man" to download the images.