Severe weather expected across Pine Belt

Severe weather expected across Pine Belt
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Severe weather is expected to sweep through the Pine Belt Tuesday night into Wednesday, and weather experts along with emergency officials are asking for everyone to be prepared.

"Showers and thunderstorms will develop, some of them will be severe, everywhere in the Pine Belt has a pretty good shot of seeing some type of warning," WDAM Chief Meteorologist Nick Lilja said.

Those chances of a warning include flash flood, tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings; all those are possible beginning Tuesday evening. No matter when severe weather strikes, the one of the best things you can have in this situation is a NOAA weather radio.

"The thing that concerns us is, is if the weather comes in overnight as they are kind of anticipating it, the best way for people to be notified is for the NOAA weather radio, that a way if a warning is issued an alarm automatically goes off wakes you up and gives you the information about the warning," Forrest County EMA Director Glen Moore said.

The Pine Belt is under the greatest risk from midnight to 6 a.m. Wednesday, making it the worst time for storms to push through the area.

"Some of that weather could pose a threat to our area, depending on the amount of rain we get, they are saying we could see 1 to 4 inches, and that paired with strong winds could cause a few issues," Moore said.

"Tornadoes are more dangerous at night because you can't see them obviously cause its dark, and most people are asleep, so when you go to bed, when you lay down to go to sleep Tuesday and in to Wednesday make sure you have got your NOAA weather radio handy," Lilja said.

Emergency management agencies around the Pine Belt will be monitoring the weather event and all will be on standby.

"If a severe thunderstorm watch or tornado watch is issued the Emergency Operation Center will be activated here and somebody will be here monitoring it," Moore said.