Foodie Friday: Mississippi Made

Foodie Friday: Mississippi Made

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - For one Ole Miss grad, it all began with a food magazine she created in a college class.

Now Maggie Weir has her own food blog, Mississippi Made, which is a creative outlet for her cuisine expertise.

Weir, a Jackson native, is a wife, home cook, business owner and a lover of authentic crab cakes.

About a year ago, her husband's job led them to the small town of Fairhope, Alabama. In Fairhope, one can find Weir keeping her family tradition strong by working at Weir Delicious, her custom cookie company and cooking class business.

Weir grew up in the kitchen, so the deep desire for cooking is practically in her genes.

"My mother was a trained chef and she loves cooking as well," Weir said. "We have a long line of cooks in the family. When I went to culinary school, my mother had already taught me a lot, but there was still more to learn."

Weir's blog is filled with mouth-watering Southern recipes with a healthy twist.  She enjoys buying seasonal whole foods such as butternut squash and kale.

Some of her most delectable fall recipes include raw kale and quinoa salad, warm pear and apple crisp and mini goat cheese frittatas.

Since Weir started running more seriously about a year and half ago, her blog has transitioned to more health-conscious recipes.

"(Running) heavily influenced how I fueled my body," Weir said. "The more research I did on whole foods and their ability to nourish and heal the body, the more hooked I got on eating to protect my body."

But whole foods aside, Weir said she cannot live without munching on some jumbo lump crab cakes. She said she prefers the very best kind of crab cakes pureed with heavy cream.

Weir began the blog her junior year of college at the University of Mississippi and used it as a portfolio for future employers.

The blog was a spin-off from a food magazine she created in a college class called "Spice Magazine."

"I was thinking about which direction to take my life," she said. "I was not sure about what I wanted to do."

However, she knew she wanted to share recipes and that was how her blog was born.

She said her blog name, Mississippi Made, was fitting because the recipes came from her heart.

After college, she attended a culinary school in Memphis, Tennessee.

"I just decided that I wanted to go after my dream and I love cooking," Weir said.

After culinary school, she became the editor of "At Home" magazine for Memphis and the mid-South.

As for cooking advice, Weir said cooking seasonal ingredients is one's best bet when putting on an apron for the first time. "It's going to make your dish so much better," Weir said. "Buying tomatoes that aren't in season is kind of setting yourself up for failure."

Weir also advises that garlic and onions are the base for any great meal and always adds a depth of flavor. She said to also always add a pinch of kosher salt to everything.