"Candlelight vigil" created for Meridian IHOP

"Candlelight vigil" created for Meridian IHOP

MERIDIAN, MS (WDAM) - One man's hysterical idea became an overnight sensation on Facebook.

Mississippian Ben Shults created a Facebook event called "Candlelight Vigil for IHOP," and it now has over 500 people attending.

The event details say:

This event is to show support for the cars, trucks, and trash cans that fell victim to the ground collapse at the IHOP in Meridian, MS. The mayor has issued a state of emergency for this horrible tragedy. During this trying time, the IHOP will be closed so we will have to miss out on those awesome Rooty Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity Pancakes. Please be sure to show your support for all of the cars, trucks and trash cans involved in this ordeal.

The comments are flooded with funny pictures and jokes poking fun at the collapsed parking lot.

Some of the most notable comments include, "Come hungry, leave carless."

Another comment said, " I guarantee some woman looked at her man and said, 'I told you not to park there.'"

Other commenters are in mourning, saying, "In lieu of flowers, please send the dirt from the pot."

The reason behind the collapse is still a mystery. More than a dozen cars are still crammed into a 360 foot long and 50 foot wide hole in the parking lot.

No one was hurt in the incident.

There is no confirmation as to the validity of the actual vigil, but it can be assumed that the page is just for fun.

To see the Facebook event, click here.