Lumberton Mayor Ben Winston resigns

Lumberton Mayor Ben Winston resigns
Ben Winston

LUMBERTON, MS (WDAM) - The mayor of Lumberton, Ben Winston, has resigned effective immediately.

"I turned in my resignation a little after 11 this morning, and gave it to the circuit clerk for her to notarize," Winston said.

Winston has served as mayor since he defeated Miriam Holder in 2013.

"I had some great political aspirations and things I wanted to do for the people of Lumberton and that just isn't working out," Winston said. "I'm 66 years old, in good health and still have a lot of stuff left that I want to do, and the people seem to think I can't serve them, so I'm out."

Winston was recently involved in trying to secure the $2.5 million dollar grant for the city of Lumberton to try to get the cities financial plans back on track, including a major repair to the sewer and water system. Winston was defeated for supervisor of District 2 in Lamar County by Warren Byrd by a vote total of 1,333 to 852.

"I make right at $600 a month, and I spend majority of that driving back and forth to Jackson and places trying to do good for this city, but it seems the people don't want that," Winston said. "Now I am just going to be a normal citizen and go about my own business peacefully and just enjoy my health."